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#2 L Challenge – Water

Hello Beautiful People!!

I hope you had an amazing weekend ! My UK friends , who had the luxury of having the Monday off , courtsey of bank holiday , did any of you venture out of your homes and explore another city ?

I visited the Isle of Wight and it was absolutely G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. I would highly recommend anyone wanting a weekend break to go there relax. The beaches , the local food , the salty mist in the air , hmmm it’ll make you forget all your worries !

Anyway before I get nostalgic , hehe , let me tell you the  topic of my Blog today. Its about drinking 2L of water a day.

I started my regimen of drinking atleast 2 litres (if not more) of water everyday on 1st August , 2015 and I can vouch for my skin looking absolutely flawless today ! There is this shine and glow on it that no cream or gel can diminish. Infact I managed to turn a few heads today during gym and even my fitness lady trainer noticed my glow and wanted to know the secret. The best part is – There is NO SECRET! WATER ! Thats it.

So today I want all of you to mark the beginning of the #2LC i.e 2L Challenge. Everyday I want you to have a glass of water- after waking up , after breakfast , lunch , mid afternoon , evening , dinner time and before sleeping . You can do this !!! You wont even realise how much fuller your stomach feels after drinking water all day thereby curbing all those hunger spouts. Feeling hungry ? Drink a glass of water before and after eating and you will automatically halve the portion of your food . Give it a month and your appetite would have been controlled , your portions would have reduced , and your skin ! God help me , it would have the most amazing glow you can imagine .

Green tea or Lemon water 

Now if some of you find drinking just plain water too boring , its fine. Just Jazz it up. Make it into a green tea ( not more than 3-4 cups a day) or add some lemon into it and it will bring a zesty flavour to your normal water. You can also turn it into a detox regime by adding fruits such as lemon , strawberry , cucumber , etc to add a nice flavour to your water whilst its packed with all its nutrional properties !

Just remember – Have your 2L of water a day and your skin will thank you for it !

Let me know how this works out for you and don’t forget hash tagging #2LC for everytime you notice a change in your skin .

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Egg Face Mask (Yay or Nay?)

Well I had not planned for my night to go this way but oh well , there is excitement in the unknown.

So it all started when I came back from the gym at around 8 pm , tired to the bone , and decided to prepare for myself a simple egg fried rice with brown rice and loads of healthy vegetables so keep my fibre and protein levels up. While preparing my egg , I always separate the egg white from the yolk as the white part is full of proteins (22%) with 0% fat , so I like to keep my egg intake for the day reserved for after gymming.

Anyway for the first time , instead of throwing away the yolk like I always do, I thought of all the nutrients and vitamins* it contains and decided to keep the yellow in a separate container while I cook my dinner and think of what can I do with it. Finally, I thought of a little recipe and made a super healthy home -made golden face mask.

Golden Recipe of the Day

  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 1 Tablespoon honey
  • 6-7 drops of freshly squeezed lemon (optional)

I mixed it well into a good creamy translucent concoction and applied it to my face generously covering my entire face and neck. It makes your skin a little yellowish after applying.

Warning : It is super stinky so not for the faint hearted ^.^

Photo on 26-08-2015 at 21.13
Ignoring the cheeky expression ….

I let it dry for about 15-20 minutes and then washed it off with cold running water while trying to block my nose simultaneously.

After patting myself dry , I had a wonderful glow on my face and it seemed to have freshened up my entire look. My skin was glowing and It felt like rose petals. It works brilliantly for erasing pimples or acne due to its drying properties . As it made my skin a little dry, I applied my Nivea Night cream which is a thick creamy moisturiser, perfect for applying after the mask as it retained the softness and the suppleness of the skin. I would suggest applying a Cocoa butter or Shea butter rich moisturizer to feed your skin.

Recommendations – I would highly highly recommend this for people with oily skin type as it clears out all the oil from the face leaving it soft and dry, therefore using it once a week.

People with dry skin can use it maybe once in 2 weeks as it doesnt leave the skin very parched or flaky so no fear of that , but just to avoid excessive drying of the skin I would suggest a limited use.

Well what you are waiting for ! Try this super easy mix of home made cleanser.  90% of us haver these ingredients lying in the house so no hard work or excuses of running to the super market and buying fancy ingredients . Let me know how it came out for you as I would love to hear your experience as well.

Stay Beautiful 🙂

Photo on 26-08-2015 at 21.42

* Egg Yolk Raw , 100 gms

Vitamin A 28%                   Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 12%                     Iron 15%
Vitamin D 54%                  Vitamin B-6 20%
Vitamin B-12 33%             Magnesium 1%



Hello peeps, this is my first hand at blogging so please be gentle on me. I’m not going to bore you with long and laborious reasons of why I started blogging or why I’m different from any other blogger you will come across, But I can promise you that I am as simple as each one of you with a twist of craziness and happiness.

My friend inspired me to start a blog and I realised why not! I love my skin and am proud of all the hard work and attention I pay to it . So I will share all the natural DIY and moisturisers I apply on my skin to keep it soft and glowing. It is not as difficult as it can seem as we try XYZ amounts of stuff on our skin only to never get a result , or if yes , only for a short amount of time.


One thing I have realised that is a sure shot skin glowing mantra is WATER! I know you have heard this enough time , specially your mother yelling down at you from the kitchen to drink water when you wake up (happened to be for 18 years of my life) , but drinking water will give your skin all the nourishment it needs that no beauty cream can provide. It cleans you up from the inside, clearing all those toxins , replacing your skin with the grease and dirt that we feed our skin everyday inevitably. So my #1  tip to all you pretty people out there is #Drink Water ! 

Ps – Let us not forget it also fills your stomach faster and helps in curbing unnecessary hunger ( although I feel I’m cheating here because I just hogged down a bowl of noodles because Its me ). Having said that , I have consumed my 2L of water for the day and will drink some more at night before going to sleep. Warning : It makes you pee all night if you drink water late so weak bladder people beware.

Having said all that , Be Happy 🙂

This will work better than any miracle cream advert you read out there ! Its true ! Being happy gives your skin a natural glow that you wouldn’t know would be missing until you actually let go of the tensions and stresses you feed yourself everyday . I am always happy because the biggest fear I have  is that if i worry to much I will get wrinkles ! Simple! And trust me , I’m not joking.

This thought alone makes me driven enough not to frown because I’m young and wild and  don’t want them on my face just yet. One day we all will have them and live with them, but I would like to keep that day for the distant future TYVM. I am not saying this to hurt anybody’s sentiments of course. This is just a reminder I keep to my self whenever I start to feel low, and just the ridiculousness of my fear makes me smile and Voila ! Job done. I don’t feel sad anymore. This is just a tip for next time you start to think there are a million reasons to be sad , there is definitely one top-notch reason not to be hahaha . 

So I am going to sign off now for the night but I’m super excited to get my blog up and running so be happy and keeping reading…

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